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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Flurry of Work

How I LOVE my studio! I was in it all day yesterday and made so many things. I have three markets this weekend so I thought I'd better get onto it.

The first is on Friday night from 7 till 9ish at Thread Den in North Melbourne as part of their 57 Chevy fashion show. The fashion show starts at 6 and includes local designers. It should be great fun and there is a 50's theme with a 50's cocktail after party. Everyone is invited!

Second market is good old Rose Street Artists' Market in Fitzroy that I love doing and then on Sunday there is the art market at Abbotsford Convent. So many markets, I need to get back to my studio!!!

Here is a little peek at what I've been making. These are for a 'bird on wire' series, I'm thinking of making a card set and button badges, hopefully finished by Friday. I screenprinted the little birds
yesterday, they are small, maybe about (paper size) 7 cm.

I then brought them all down to Jeremy's sound studio because he's been needing to record the sound of a sewing machine for a project he's working on at the moment. (I got him to bring the sewing machine, it's so heavy!) and I sewed the 'wires' in while he recorded. I quite liked the set up, us both working in the same room, tables face to face!

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Kate Moore said...

The '57 Chevy show sounds so much fun. I could move to Melbourne tomorrow. Almost did once - long, long time ago, for love. Sad story, sob sob. The studio space sounds perfect (get it, "sounds" perfect, God I kill me).