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Monday, September 22, 2008

Double J

I'm heading off to belfast tomorrow for my granny's 90th and a friend's wedding in glasgow. I'll be away for three weeks and I've decided the two things I'll miss the most about Australia are......the sweet smelling jasmine flower that is just coming into bloom now. The winds are strong at the moment and wafts of jasmine are everywhere......and of course I'll miss my lovely Jeremy!

I'll try and post photos of Ireland and Scotland but I might just be too busy enjoying myself!


Bianca said...

have fun and enjoy!

Kyriake said...

Have a fantastic time in Ireland :)

I love the scent of Jasmine. We used to have a Jasmine plant in our backyard when I was little, and now every time I smell the scent of Jasmine, it reminds me of my childhood...

The Scarlet Sassoir said...

hi bridget lovely to meet you on the flight. have just read your blog and am blown away. it´s absolutely lovely - what a talented bird you are :-)

have an awesome time back home and a great knees up with your granny.

sas xx