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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Could I trouble you for the time Mr. Wolf?

Look what I was able to do!! I still think I'm not very good at computers and internet, it was only last week that Anna explained to me how the internet works, but I found this!

oh, maybe it hasn't worked, maybe I'm not so good after all. But I have managed to put one at the side of my blog page, not entirely sure why I needed it, but I liked the look of it. It may be gone in a few weeks.

ah no! It is there after all. hooray! Actually it looks quite similar to our kitchen clock that I made in rather a hurry after our bought one fell off the wall.

Thank you to Gigibird on who's blog I saw this lovely quirky clock!

Monday, March 30, 2009

This is The Reason

About a year and a half ago my little mac laptop died, so I started using Jeremy's old laptop. I struggled through the learning how to use a PC instead of a mac and I became quite good at it!
Now, the PC laptop has died, oh no! I'm typing this from Jeremy's new laptop (a mac) but it doesn't have photoshop, it doesn't have dreamweaver, I can't scan things onto it, or print things from it or put my photos on it...So, blog posts have somewhat come to a halt! I'm contemplating getting a new laptop (a mac!) but it seems such a lot of money!! I'm just hoping the PC resurrects, it did before. Fingers crossed! 

While I'm here I should also mention my new website. My friend Anna of AnnaLaura helped me understand the world of Dreamweaver and I got quite far until the above mentioned struck. I've still got a few things to add, but most of it is there! I think it's far better than the attempt I made by myself with the horrible 'page mason' program!

Friday, March 20, 2009

More New Felt Brooches

Here are a few new felt brooches listed on my Featherstitch Fantail Blog. I've also listed a number on my etsy shop.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mission Accomplished

I've been wanting to do this for ages...

...and now finally I've managed...

...thanks to Curious Llama who I met at the Melbourne Etsy meet up a few weeks ago I found an outlet that supplies wool felt balls. I had started trying to make the balls myself, but they were just taking far too long to make it possible...

...but now I can spend my time on embroidering the felt balls and piecing them together... make a fantail felt necklace!

I'll bring it with me to Rose Street Artists' Market this Saturday. There is a fashion show happening this week which should be fun and hopefully bring lots of people. I've heard the market is going to be chock-a-block full of stalls, so it would be a good week to check it out if you haven't been before.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

At Queenscliff

It was a long weekend this week and Jeremy very nicely decided to take me to Queenscliff which is a very old town (by Australian standards) situated at the mouth of Port Philip Bay. He told me there would be lots of birds so I should bring my drawing things. He brought his ipod for that eventuality.

We walked along the marina and as big fighter planes from the Avalon airshow zoomed overhead I looked into the water and saw so many funny little fish. Pufferfish, cuttlefish, a stingray, tiny little fish with very shiny heads, and lovely stripey fish with ink dipped tails.

But for me, really it was all about the pelicans...

...and crepes, pelicans and crepes!

I'm going to be at the stitches and craft fair happening at the Melbourne show grounds in Flemmington this week. I'm teaching a couple of classes of crochet and helping Thread Den man their stall. I'll have some of my felt brooches on sale and there will be lots of other Melbourne made designer clothing on show and for sale. It should be good fun, maybe see you there!