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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Could I trouble you for the time Mr. Wolf?

Look what I was able to do!! I still think I'm not very good at computers and internet, it was only last week that Anna explained to me how the internet works, but I found this!

oh, maybe it hasn't worked, maybe I'm not so good after all. But I have managed to put one at the side of my blog page, not entirely sure why I needed it, but I liked the look of it. It may be gone in a few weeks.

ah no! It is there after all. hooray! Actually it looks quite similar to our kitchen clock that I made in rather a hurry after our bought one fell off the wall.

Thank you to Gigibird on who's blog I saw this lovely quirky clock!


Gigibird said...

Well done for getting your clock uploaded....when you get bored with it there are other styles.....

jo horswill said...

It is a cute clock...I like the idea of an printed (etched) clock face...
We have a 80yo wind up kitchen clock. I have noticed the face is actually a sheet of printed paper! and there seems to be layers underneath! Hmmm, may need to investigate a bit further!
Bridgett your website is fantastic!