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Monday, September 15, 2008

Featherstitch Fantail Blog

I've been working on a new blog specially for my felt bird brooches which I have now named Featherstitch Fantail. I will post all my designs on the site, partly for my own archives (because I get sad when I sell them and never see them again) but also so people can see my designs and make orders. I will then remake to order. Obviously I can't make them absolutely exactly identical, but I will use the same colours and make the stitches as close as possible to the pictured image, in the end though each brooch will still have its own individual character.

Here is a new brooch, I really like the colour combination in this one, especially the lime green/yellow thread in the tail surrounded by the black.

I was cycling over to Swan Street the other day and past by lots of beautiful big daisies with black centres, they inspired me for this birdie's tail!

Now I really must get the washing off the line. It's so windy outside, I hope I still have some clothes left on it!


thetinylittlegirl said...

i really love your birds, good idea to have a seperate blog for them!

Unknown said...

I saw that one with the daisy on it on Saturday and was very taken with it. I think everytime I see a new one I fall in love!

Oh the other day I was out in the park running and these two swallows kept flying around me, they were darting in and out but sometimes flew only a few cm past me. It was a little weird!


Hey! Bridget.

Are they going to be on sale ? -

I was thinking that a baby mobile with the felt birds could be the best present for my friend Sarah.

Your favorite Mexican fan, Iván


Kyriake said...

Beautiful, beautiful!

I'll add your new featherstitch Fantail blog to my reader :)

Bridget Farmer said...

thankyou everyone for your suport!

yes they are on sale through my new blog (

Ivan, send me an email so I can get back to you if you want!