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Monday, May 12, 2008

All new Bridbird

I've decided to re-vamp my bridbird etsy shop. New banner, new avatar and a new range of brooches!

These brooches are made using my print gocco kit. The bird bodies are screen printed from one screen and then the bird wings are screenprinted from a second screen registered over the first. This enables me to get the different colours close by each other. I then fix the printed images onto thick artist's mounting board card, Cut out the shapes with a scalpel and then paint a number of coats of varnish on both sides. A brooch back is then affixed and they are ready to wear! I like the colours of these birds and I enjoyed making the different patterns in the wings. I am also listing the full 8 birds as a gocco screenprinted picture, to frame up and put on your wall!


Unknown said...

they look great, so colourful and bright!

Em said...

Gotta love art you can wear!

Angela said...

Oohh they are gorgeous good!!

Can you believe I read your comment on Thursday and realised I haven't seen your name before and then on Friday I received an invitation from the Australian Print Workshop Gallery and I spotted your name and made the connection straight away!!

It's a small, serendipitous world!

Cathy said...

These are really sweet Bridget. They must have been fun to make. I have read about gocco machines but I thought they had stopped making all the supplies etc? The new shop banner looks great btw.