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Thursday, May 22, 2008

This Week's Birds

This week, at the museum's discovery centre, Anna and I were given a Kookaburra, another Red Wattlebird (I like this bird and request it every week), a Spangled Drongo (have you heard of a better named bird?!) an Australian Raven and an ugly Eagle, (not the scientific name.)

After three weeks of drawing birds I'm getting very excited about starting some new plates for etching. I feel a bit daunted because I think I'm going to make my new series much bigger, (up until now the majority of my plates have been 6 x 6cm and from the scrap bin!) but I'm feeling ready for the challenge and raring to go. I'm booked in next friday and I can't wait.

To view the rest of this weeks drawings go to my Flickr page.


Cathy said...

Love this red wattlebird Bridget. It is a lovely balanced composition. I really like your bird sketches.

Bridget Farmer said...

Thankyou cathy, i'm hopeing to make etchings from these drawings. a new series. I started yesterday with a new plate. it's a bit scary starting a new project, especially when my plates are about 10 times bigger than from my last series! (they were only 6 x 6 cm!)but it's good to be moving forward.

Anonymous said...

The spangled drongo, despite his name, is quite handsome! Or maybe you were kind to him?

I agree with cathy on the red wattlebird - I really like the touches of colour.. but the trio above is my favourite. Even if these ones were stuffed, your lines have so much energy and life.