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Monday, May 19, 2008

This Time It's the Wattlebird

Last Thursday Anna and I were back at the museum drawing a new set of birds, this time it was the brush wattlebird that caught my eye. To see Anna's drawings go to her blog, or see her flickr page. The rest of my drawings are on my flickr.

I also enjoyed this little bird (below), she is a Star Finch. I find the smaller stuffed birds often look bit bedraggled and worse for ware so I don't draw them so much, but I loved the grey with the red on this little one. Also it started me using a bit of colour. I haven't used colour for ages in my drawings, but there is a big bucket of colouring pencils at the museum (probably for the kids) that Anna and I utilise on every visit.


Unknown said...

I love the star finch drawings, they are lovely!

Marissa Buschow said...

wow, I love those finches too! great color use, and it looks like they're blushing.

Anonymous said...

I love the star finches too, great little splash of color :)