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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Square Old Souls Blog

I have been featured in a blog called Square Old Soul. The post is looking at etsy finds of white peacocks and black swans. It's lovely to look through other peoples finds on etsy. There is so much to look at on there that it is nice to have someone else show you!!

Ok, I think I need a picture to show, I think all blog posts should have at least one picture. What shall I post?........
This is a photo of a table in our living room, I just took it now. On the table is a jar of Australian native flowers, they have all dried now, but I think they still look nice. The old radio I picked up at Camberwell market quite cheap, it still works too. The block of wood is a piece of teak from an old tall ship, I bought it (the wood, not the ship) in New Zealand. There was a museum for the old ship because it was the 9th oldest surviving ship left in the world. It was called the Edwin Fox and had taken soldiers to the Crimean War, convicts to Australia and immigrants to New Zealand. The smell of the hull was increadible, such an old wood smell, it was beautiful. I also have a cat etching by Kay McDonagh. I love it!


Cathy said...

Nice feature on Square Old Souls Blog Bridget. I love discovering other peoples blogs through ones I like reading. It is like an adverture and you never know where you will end up...LOL

Em said...

I too love old wood, the look and the smell! My blog post on monday was an ode to wood and a poem called 'grain'.

Unknown said...

cool i like your old radio what a nice little corner!