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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sidney Nolan and the Birds

I was very good today, I went to an art exhibition. Being an artist you'd think I'd go to a few, but I'm rather lazy and often don't make the effort. This is a shame because each time I do go I really enjoy it and say to myself, 'I really should do this more often.' It gets me all inspired and I want to get home and do work, or just get out my sketchbook there and then and draw.

And this is what happened today. I'd just finished listening to the last of the information about Sidney Nolan on the audio guide, seen his last inspiring pictures in the exhibition and while I was waiting for my mum to complete her experience I sat on a slopey seat, looking out the window at the trains curving into Flinders Street Station.
The exhibition was so good it must have pre-inspired me and I did drawings before I even went in! This was in the morning while I was having a camomile tea in Flinders Station and the little sparrows and pigeons were hopping around the cafes and perching on the ornate lamps.

So, anybody know of any other good exhibitions to go to?!

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Bianca said...

Yeh, there's a group exhibition on tomorrow till the 8th of March. Catherine Campbell is exhibiting.

We're going with a few people