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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Missing Apostles and Cheeky Coots

I have just returned from a trip down the Great Ocean Road in South Victoria, Australia with my mum, her man Brain and Jeremy. We stayed the night at Wye River, camping and my mum asked why we hadn't gone there earlier, in fact I think she would have liked to have spent the whole two and a half weeks there. But alas, they have to leave on Thursday and go back home to Ireland, where, they were informed this morning by Brian's sister, it is snowing.

Here is a family of terns I met while taking an earlyish walk along the beach. I haven’t seen this type of tern before, I'm going to look them up in my bird book, although if I'm using my sketches, I don't know if my identifying will be entirely accurate.

On down the road from Wye River are the Twelve Apostles, famous stacks of limestone jutting out of the ocean. Quite the tourist attraction. They are called the Twelve Apostles and even though a few years ago one fell down, I could still only count 10. Here is my detailed visual account of this amazing natural landmark.

I thought I'd also throw this photo in. It is a pair of cheeky Coots (although actually I think they are Dusky Moorhens to be presise!) at the Studley Park Boat House where my mum, Brian and I hired a boat for a spot of river rowing this afternoon.

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