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Friday, March 21, 2008

A Felt Species of Bird

I've been playing around with a needle and thread and lovely colours of felt and although my back and shoulders are getting worse and worse I am enjoying myself greatly! Here are my new creations which I will soon list on etsy and take with me to Rose Street Artist's Market on Saturday.

I just remembered this story as I was correcting my spelling of Saturday. I've never been the best speller, I was always in the catch up classes at primary school. I always found it difficult to spell the names of the days I wasn't at school and the months when I was on holiday. 'Saturday' and 'August' particularly as I never really had need of writing them regularly while at school. By now in my 30th year I have mastered how to spell 'August' and 'July' and 'Sunday' (although that was always a fairly easy one) but I was never sure whether it was 'Saterday' or 'Saturday' until my brother told me, "just remember there is a turd in Saturday." Simple! Very brotherly.

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Anonymous said...

These felt birds are adorable! I hope they sell well.

That's the funniest way of remembering how to spell Saturday. LOL!