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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Market Stall Logistical Solutions

Since starting doing markets back in November I have been relying on other people to get me and my stuff to the market places. Big thankyous to Hayley who has driven me around, big thankyous to Barry for lending me his car on occasions and a big thankyou to Jeremy for early morning drives to Camberwell.
From now on though I'm going to be self-sufficient and eco-friendly! It's going to be just me and my bike going to Rose Street Artist's Market. The fact that Rose Street supply the tables/boxes makes life so much easier.

Now I just need to buy a length of rope and learn a few good knotting techniques. I'll show you the results on Saturday! But for the time being marvel upon my great carrying machine.

On my way to the bike shop to get the rack fixed I stopped off for lunch. There is a lovely little place on Smith Street called Wood Spoon that cooks lovely Japanese food and at a very good price. Yum! Here is a picture I drew while eating my delicious lunch.

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