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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Hatchings

I've been neglecting my bridbird etsy shop recently so I thought I'd make some new screen prints for it. It's also good to have new work for market so I got down to it and created these. I didn't make them as quickly as I would have liked because I realised I didn't have any black ink and had to wait a week until my ordered ink finally arrived and I could continue.

I made them in 4 different colour combinations and also as single birds. You've seen the fantail on the left before, the one on the right is new. I've listed a few on etsy already and will be listing the rest over the next few weeks.

I also managed to get a day in printmaking last week and editioned "Fitzroy Birds" I'm hoping to get into my studio today and print another two plates I made yesterday. It's so cold in there though, the thermometer on our alarm clock says it's 8.5 C. :(


Sue Brown said...

I really like the simplicity of composition in Fitzroy birds. The blue works so well. Hard work printmaking in the cold though!

Jay Dee said...

The Fitzroy Birds look great - can't wait to see the other plates printed! Feel for you with the weather too. Living in Brisbane now but remember the cold winter's in Melbourne when I lived down there - rug up!

jo horswill said...

Screenprints are wonderful Bridget.

"Fitzroy Birds" love the perspective...great print.
It's so cold, I woke up to patchy snow here today in Sassafras!!!