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Thursday, June 4, 2009

What have I been up to?

Recently I've just disliked sitting at my computer, hence lack of blog posts etc. I always feel I should be getting on with something else. Here are a few of the other things I have been getting on with instead.

The Crows.
I started playing around with unique state prints made from two plates and various scraps of fabric. I found it all a bit stressful, which sounds silly, I should just immerse myself into 'playing' but constantly at the back of my mind I keep thinking 'deadline, I've got a deadline' and should concentrate on work that I'm more sure about for my exhibition in September. I do like the deep red crow with black lines on top. He was made with a collograph plate painted with PVA and grit inked up in red, then a dry point plate printed in black over the top. I really like the deep rustiness of the red colour.

Sketch Etchings
These are dry point etchings, the plates of which I made at Wye River in January. I decided to sketch straight onto the plate, rather than make the plate in my studio from drawings in my sketchbook. I like the immediacy of this way of working, but it is a bit nerve wracking because you don't want to mess up the copper plate.

I must also mention the winner of my may giveaway was Stef of Distracted Muse. I'll be posting her little felt brooch to her this week! Thank you to everyone who took part. I'll have another giveaway soon!


jo horswill said...

I'm really excited to see these prints...Bridget, the red crow is WOW!!! and I love your line work from the drypoint over the top!!!

Very nerve racking to scribe onto copper! But you did a fantastic job here.
I have been given some old aluminium plates used in the electrical industry known as "shims"...they are cheap to buy too. Much much cheaper than copper and zinc! could be worth considering for drypoint.

And I love your left/right hand drawings...Jo

Unknown said...

The collagraph! I love the colour of the crow too! I can't wait to see the texture of it! I'm thinking about doing dry point too, I haven't done it for a while so miss the rich texture!

Jay Dee said...

Great work and love your red crow! Good on you for being so brave with the direct drawing onto the copper too - it looks great and very fresh. Something I am hoping to start doing soon too....

ArtPropelled said...

The red crow is fantastic! I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog. The market photos bring back so many happy memories of my market days.
I've just discovered the work of Angela Earley. I'm sure you will like her pigeon series.

kate said...

I am such a fan of your crows. Wonderful!