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Thursday, June 25, 2009

John Hegley

Who knows of John Hegley? I've been to see him a number of times when I lived in Edinburgh and it's always a treat. He grew up in Luton, near the airport, likes dogs and potatoes, hates his brother in law and disrespects people who where contact lenses.

Relaxing with Taxidermy

When their chihuahua got stuffed
they were really chuffed,
no need to feed her
or walkies on a lead her
no more poop to scoop
and doesn't she look smashing on the mantle piece?
She'll always look at the camera now.
I don't know why we bothered having her alive at all.


An Owner's Complaint

I've got a dog that's more
like a carrot than a dog.
It's hairy,
but only very slightly.
It's got no personality
to speak of,
no bark to bark of,
no head
no legs
no tail
and it's all

and here's the song/ poem I 've been trying to find for ages, I just found it tonight on youtube.

here's his website with some more poems, but really, you've got to hear him say them. He does it best!

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