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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lost, Found and Returned

I have a little story for you.

I used to make these heart brooches, (I'm contemplating making them again as they sold quite well, but were a pain to cut out) Anyway, I sold them at markets and in various shops.
Last Saturday my friend Andrea came to Rose Street Artists' Market, as she is going to look after my stall and sell some of her work while I am away for three weeks at the end of September, start of October. She had the above brooch with her and said, "this is one of yours, isn't it?" I said 'Yes!" She told me that her friend had found it on the street in Windsor, Melbourne and thought it was something Andrea would like so gave it to her. Andrea recognised it and returned the poor lost little thing to me! Maybe the person who bought it and lost it in Windsor will read this and I can then return it to them to complete the story! Anybody been strolling in Windsor lately?

1 comment:

Kyriake said...

Aw, what a weird coincidence. I hope the owner gets it back...