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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just a Bit Further Before Home

I've had a great day today! This morning I went to St Kilda to visit some friends at their market stall at the St. Kilda market. We had barbecued bubble and squeak sandwiches on their little homemade BBQ and then the wind blew next doors stall over the wall. Very exciting stuff.

Then I caught the tram up to Flinder's street and talked the whole way with a lovely Polish girl who had just arrived in Melbourne as a tourist. It's nice to talk to strangers sometimes!

One of my new brooches, look I've learnt how to do featherstitch! (on his tail and wing)

In Federation Square I went to the Melbourne Makers Etsy meet up and met so many interesting people who all had their lovely things with them. I think my favourite was a crocheted cushion of a pair of boobs. Brilliant!! I'll let you know if they are on etsy any time soon. I definitely want one.

I then had to go and pick up my bike from Brunswick street, as I cycled down the gentle hill to home I decided it was much too nice an evening to go straight home so I cycled a bit along the Yarra, past the children's farm and the convent. As I was cycling I saw a flock of black cockatoos circling. They landed next to two baths acting as watering troughs, and all drank their fill. I fumbled in my bag for a piece of paper and found the little booklet moonmum had given me at the meet up and quickly sketched the squawking cockies in it!
Black cockie in a tree after his thirst was quenched


belinda marshall said...

hi bridget,
was great to meet you yesterday. your felt birds are gorgeous, the colours and detail are beautiful.
black cockies are a good sign! :)

Unknown said...

I am so jealous of your fun day out. Ginger tea was the highlight of my day!

Paula Mills said...

Hi Bridget
It was lovely to meet you and your beautiful little birds yesterday. It was great to get together for a major twitering session.

Anonymous said...

I think that should be 'Just a bit feather before home' ... love your newest birds in felt and sketch. I've nominated you on my blog for a blog award ... hope that's ok.

Kyriake said...

Hi bridget, sounds like you had an amazing day on Sunday :)

I'm sorry I didn't get to see you again, something came up that I couldn't avoid and I didn't end up going to the meet up. I was extremely disappointed because I'd been looking forward to it for such a long time!

Anyway, that birdy is really cute, well done on the feather-stitch! I get compliments on my birdy brooches every time I wear them now... I mention your shop at least 20 times a day if I have one of your brooches on! :)

Kerry x