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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Today it's Galahs

I haven't been to the museum for a while so I thought I'd better book myself in again and get back to drawing. One of the birds this week was a Galah. A lovely Australian bird with a soft grey back and a gorgeous pink face and underbelly.

The drawings below were an experiment to see if I could draw the galah by building up layers of loose lines, instead of initially drawing an outline and filling in.

I like the build up of 'scribbles.' I might take this drawing further and experiment with making it into a hard ground etching. All the etchings I am making from my drawings will be revealed in an exhibition in October / November. Then I will post them on here and on my website.


Marissa Buschow said...

those are gorgeous. I'd say your experiment was a thorough success!

Bridget Farmer said...

thanks marissa. I was sort of inspired by a picture a friend sent me about 10 years ago of a horse drawn really loosly with lots of lines. I lost the picture about 9 years ago, but i've always had it in my head. I can't remember who the artist was or where he came from. I'd love to see the picture again.

Kate Moore said...

I agree. The experiment was a success and adds a whole new dimension to the tone and light of the piece.

Kyriake said...

I like these a lot! They are so much more than just scribbles... they're beautiful!

Can anyone make a booking to draw birds at the museum? I'd love to do that one day... sounds like a nice way to spend a few hours drawing.

artbwf said...

I first found your drawings and prints on ETSY. I like the subject and the graphic quality. The loose drawings are great. As an artist, I know it is an interesting way of building the form. As a fellow Farmer, it is good to see your work.