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Monday, July 21, 2008

Markets markets Markets

Well done to the market goers who still come out when it's a bit chilly. And WELL DONE to market stall holders who stand tough even though they can't feel thier toes!

Whenever it gets cold at Rose Street Artists' Market I just think of my trip to Russia and I can no longer complain about my market experience. In Russia the market stall holders where out in mid winter, -30C degrees (-22F) and sweeping the snow from their wares. Mind you they did have a warm shed at the back of the market where you could buy vodka!

Here is my market stall at Rose Street Artists' Market

And here is the lovely Christina (my rose street stall neighbour) at the Skirt and Shirt Market, at the Abbotsford Convent, selling her one off handmade bags and stylish reversable skirts.

And this is a brooch I couldn't sell because I wanted to keep her, so, she's now mine and I wear her on my coat. Her name is Odette and she whispers sweet songs in my ear as I cycle to market on a Saturday morning.


Kyriake said...

That is really beautiful tail feather stitching!

We had fun at the markets on saturday... we had a frankie forum meet up with the other girls that day :)

I'm still not used to having Saturdays off from work, now I know what I've been missing!

twenty pound tabby said...

I'd have a hard time selling that brooch too! Very very pretty.

Kate Moore said...

Odette sure seems like a chirpy wee lass.