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Friday, March 14, 2008

Gripes and Awards

The conditions have been 100% perfect today for drying washing. Hot temperature (max 39 degrees celcius, (over 100 fahrenheit)) and warm winds. My undies are blowing on the line, dry in half an hour. YET STILL, still my neighbours are using the tumbledryer. WHY?! It's been tumbling all day. I managed to ask one of them. I said 'would it not be quicker to use the line today?" and he replied "but then my towels wouldn't be fluffy."
Fluffy towels indeed. For some reason this makes me very cross. I'm not an eco warrior, but the tumbledryer just doesn't make sense on a day like this. (he's just walked past my window with another load grrrrrr!)

Anyway, griping aside.

Last night was the opening and award giving of the Port Jackson Press Graduate Printmaking Award. I am pleased to say my piece (also below) was highly commended. The overall winner was Glenda Orr who I think well deserved the award, her piece was beautiful.

Tomorrow I'll be at Rose Street Artist Market which will be another hot hot hot one. At least I'll be next to AnnaLaura, looking forward to it!


Unknown said...

Oh that tumble drying lunatic would make me so angry! Fluffy towels indeed. What a moron!

Congrats on the highly commended as well, that is great news.

I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

CurlyPops said...

You need to slip a note under his door and tell him to dry his towels on the line and then bring them in and tumble dry for 2 minutes to fluff them up. On the other hand, some people are just morons.

Anonymous said...

I meant to find you again the other night to say congrats on the commendation. I thought it was a really great show.

Anonymous said...

Bridget -- I love these! Love your lively lines and energy.

I'm stopping by here for the first time but have added you to my blogroll on Bird by Bird if that's okay and will now spend some more time looking at your archives...