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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Latest from the Museum

On Tuesday Anna and I went along to the museum again for our bird drawing session. We only had two birds this week, a Bellbird and a Curlew. The Curlew was a winner with his long long beak, but it was difficult getting him to fit on the page! His feathers were gorgeous and it was great to be able to study the varying patterns on his feathers. Since I use these drawings to make etchings I have to remember to take note of the detail (something I'm often a bit lazy about) because the drawings are all I have when it comes time to make the etching plate.

Bellbirds are the bird you hear down by the river in Melbourne. By Merri Creek and along the Yarra. They make a short loud sharp 'pip' sound, a bit like a fire alarm battery running out. They 'pip' to each other and you can hear them 'pipping' in the trees all along the banks of the river, but often you can't see them, if you do get a glimpse of one it's a surprise to see how green they are, or maybe it's just a surprise to me because I'm still not used to seeing brightly coloured birds!


Unknown said...

I love that bottom one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bridget,
Just had to say that that second pic is the most freakin awesome scribbly bird I've ever seen! I'm getting a bit scribble-happy in my latest pieces, so I LOVE it!
I also like how you said they were 'pipping' through the trees. Better than the ones around my house. They were pooping in the trees, and crapped on my freshly painted and still drying new desk!
I'm off to look through your other bird pics now - nice stuff!

Ophelia said...

beautiful birds!
You must go horseriding again, it's the best feeling!