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Thursday, June 5, 2008

A call for more MADEIT sellers! and buyers!! is an Australian independent designer/ maker Internet site. A bit like etsy except all Australian. I have been making a few sales through madeit and the site looks really good. It has a great blog and promotes itself really well. I just think it needs more items. So! if you are already on etsy or dawanda or even if you haven't tried selling on the internet yet, give madeit a go. The more people on there the bigger it will become.
and while you're at it, anything on there that you'd like to buy?!


Cathy said...

Good luck with Madeit Bridget. It looks really good and easy to find things. There is a UK version but I think it is quite messy looking and not user friendly. There is certainly a lot of talent in Oz.

superminx said...

I (try to) sell on Madeit, but I'm not keen to invest any more money in it because I don't know where my money is being spent (poor accounts functionality) and they don't change the front page often enough. I don't feel 'supported' there. I think they need to give sellers better stats and such so we can see if our promotions work...