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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Settling Into My New Range and Into Belfast

It's been two weeks since we arrived in Belfast. I've been busy setting up a work space for myself and buying a new printer/ scanner and starting my new range for my Bridbird etsy shop.
The range is based on the pen and ink drawings I made just before I left Melbourne. I'm going to turn them into cards and digital prints. I've listed a few onto etsy already and in the next few days I'll add more. It feels good to start afresh with all new work. 

Here are a few cards from my new range, all photographed with my mum's newly renovated kitchen as a back drop. It's lovely to cook and to blog in such a lovely kitchen! Sometimes moving back home is a marvelous idea! (She also has a TV at the end of the bath, and why not!? In fact, I think that's where I'm going to go now!)


Unknown said...

Ohhhh Bridget!! You made it! Love Bridbird in the Kitchen!! I hope you and Jeremy are well:) I can't wait to see your new works!!

Dot said...

Hi Bridget
Good to hear that you have settled back into Belfast! Your mum's kitchen provides a lovely backdrop for your art. Love the idea of the tv at end the of the bath too :)
Look forward to seeing your new art in your etsy shop.
Dot :)

Sue Brown said...

It must be such a huge upheavel for you at the moment, fantastic that you are up and working...look forward to seeing the new images.