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Monday, August 10, 2009

See The Gulls

I've some more new pieces just out of the drying boards this morning, the excitement of which got me out of my nice warm bed! I've been working on these plates for a while because they are recycled plates from my earlier small etchings of Australian native birds. I sanded down the backs of the old plates with varying grades of sandpaper until they were shiny and new looking. Then dry point etched my seagull drawings in to them. The seagull drawings are from sketches I made while doing my MFA a few years ago. I sketched such a lot then and it's great having so much base to work from. I really must make more time to collect new sketches for new pieces of work.

So, I've made a four plate etching and four single plate etchings. The seagulls were all sketched from outside the Melbourne State Library where they all seem to hang out in large numbers. I'd also like to make a book of the seagulls, I'll see if I get round to it before the exhibition on the 10th September. Getting close now!

Seagull I

Seagull II

Seagull III

Seagull IV


hens teeth said...

great minds think alike ;-)
i have just posted about seagulls myself....although your interpretation is fine and very beautiful, just my cup of tea.

jo horswill said...

I like seagulls...don't see them very often. I could watch then for hours.
Love these new plates Bridget.
May see you this weekend...I'm planning my first sleepover at Jan's on Friday night...will pop over to Rose St and say "Hi" :)

Unknown said...

Seagulls once attacked my friend while eating! I think they are pretty funny and scary too... I have to go to Japan for a family reason at the end of August so I'm going to miss your opening:( I'm looking forward to your show when I get back!

Danielle Barlow said...

Beautiful prints! I would love to have a go at etching - I only ever tried it once at college.

Jay Dee said...

Hi Bridget! I have been down to Melbourne for a very quick trip and managed to get into the Port Jackson Press Print Shop - a lovely surprise to see your works there! They are such lovely delicate prints - the internet doesn't do them justice :)

ArtPropelled said...

Charming seagulls! Good luck for your exhibition.