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Monday, August 31, 2009

Duck Story

A little while ago I mentioned how I had borrowed a stuffed duck from a pub called The Marquis of Lorne. In order to take the duck I had to give them something in return for the time duckie spent with me. So my little soft toy lamb, that I saw in a junk shop in Northcote, and couldn't resist, sat dutifully on the shelf in the pub for almost a month. I bet it was the time of his little soft toy lamby life!

So, Duckie became my model, I drew her, painted her and finally made a plate. A large perspex dry point plate. Almost didn't fit on my press!

It took a lot of rubbing and wiping to ink up this large perspex plate. Perspex isn't as nice to work with as copper is, I find it takes extra effort to get the ink just right on the plate and it's confusing because you can see ink on the back of the plate too. 

I inked up in sepia brown tones with black rubbed over the top in areas. I rubbed the ink clean in areas I wanted white and then over the wing I inked in a mixture of turquoise and black to give that flash of metallic green. That part of the duck has a special name, my mum knows what it's called, but I can't remember. Anyone else know?

And here is The Marquis Of Lorne's Duck. She'll be in my Exhibition next Thursday!


californiablue said...

Great post! Love your model :)

jo horswill said...

Oh she's beautiful Bridget...

Velma Bolyard said...

this is a happy duck, lovely.

Jay Dee said...

I just love your duck print Bridget! Great work!

Danielle said...

gorgeous. your drawings are amazing.

I did a little post about your sale on my blog this afternoon after purchasing a few of your prints.

You can view it at if your interested in having a peek.

Unknown said...

This print is beautiful! I like how you have used subtle lines to capture what seems a cryptic (as is natural) appearance of the Grey Teal.

I also want to add, how much people love the red and blue Featherstitch Fantail brooch I bought from you at the Rose St. Markets recently.

JNgaio said...

That is just so beautiful!