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Monday, August 24, 2009

Bird Stories

Opening night for my exhibition, (well, mine and Ilse's) is Thursday 10th September at 6.30. Do come along for a glass of wine and some nice things to eat and see lots of birds!

At Bird's Gallery, 236 High Street, Kew


Danielle Barlow said...

Good Luck with the exhibition ( and the move!)

Floridagirl said...

I'm a world away, in the U.S. so can't attend ;) Congrats and good luck!

Jay Dee said...

When does your exhibition finish? I'll be in Melbourne in September and would love to try and get in to see it while I am there!

Unknown said...

Wish I could be there at the opening! I will come straight from the airport on 26 Sep before the exhibition ends. Good luck with your show and the move, I will cherish your press while you are away!