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Friday, April 3, 2009


I've been invited to exhibit in Bird's Gallery (seems like the perfect place for my work!) later this year and I'm starting to think what new work I could do.  I'd love to do more aquatint etchings but I just don't have the facilities at home, so I've been wondering about collographing. I saw Jo Horswill's beautiful collograph work on her blog earlier this week and it started me thinking. I love the textural nature of collographs and would love to make a highly textured range, yet still include my linear style. Here are a few prints from etsy I've been looking at for inspiration, some aquatint, some collographs, one quirky letterpress matchbook and a fish print, actually printed from a fish!

Now I need to go and research more about how to make collographs, any advice would be greatly appreciated!


jo horswill said...

Hi Bridget...this is great news about your exhibition! Love the "etsy" images you have posted.


I am totally addicted to Etsy - After all I found your print there :)