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Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Trip Down South

I popped down to the south of Ireland for the last few days, to Co. Leitrim and Co. Donegal. One of my best friends now lives in Leitrim and she and I drove up to Donegal where we have both had many childhood holidays. It's just beautiful, made all the more so by the most wonderful little black dog called Duffy.


Carol said...

What's the story behind the beautiful chair?

Bridget Farmer said...

i'm afraid I have no idea, you often find strange things in Ireland. There are so many abandoned cottages and the things from the cottages lying around. This chair was just sitting outside one of these abandoned cottages. My friend and I like to go exploring inside old houses.

Sue said...

Gorgeous atmospheric pictures! You and your friend happy on the sand look like a magazine shoot - it looks like a trip full of inspiration.

Nikki said...

AH... the hills of DOnegal! A place I'm very sentimental about!!

Lovely to meet you at the Shirt and Skirt market today.