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Monday, October 20, 2008

A New Skill Learnt

While I was in London staying with my friend Natalie she showed me how to felt. We made a number of felt balls and I got very excited with the possibilities that could be made from these. She also very kindly gave me a little bag of coloured wool to take back to Australia with me to keep on practicing and playing. So I have been waking up at silly hours (damned jet lag!) and going into the kitchen and rolling coloured wool in soapy hands. It's quite time consuming and after asking Jeremy to try and make one (his is the pale yellow ball that I have sewn green 'x's on) he's sure there must be a quicker way. Each time he sees me rolling rolling soapy wool he say it, "there must be a quicker way, there must be!" Men, always trying to invent faster ways of doing things! But I'm quite content at this stage to continue making them slowly.

I have experimented with stitching patterns into the felt balls and I bought a number of hat pin pins. I've always liked these pins. I have also played about with using my fantail birds in this hat pin form, I even sold one at the Convent Makers Market on Sunday.
I'm considering making a 'how to' post on making felt balls, but I think I need assistance to take photos because my hands get so wet and soapy, might not be good for the camera! Maybe while Jeremy is thinking about his felt ball making machine he can take photos of me in action for the next post!


Kate Moore said...

They're great. The colours are beautiful.

Lara said...

Oooh these look amazing! Love the colours too. So unique. Love the one with your bird on it. Nice work!!

Carol said...
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Carol said...

Sorry! Somebody already said that! But they really are gorgeous. I wnat to do some too. There's so much you could do with them.

jo horswill said...

These are gorgeous, I love the stitching...felting balls is time consuming but worth it!!!
There is a quick way to make flat felt with an electric sander!!! True :) But this method is no good for making balls.