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Monday, June 23, 2008

It's Been a While!

Sorry for neglecting the old blog last week, I got a bit snotty and I've been waiting for gocco supplies to arrive before I can make new prints. Supplies STILL haven't arrived, but the snot situation has cleared up so I thought I'd show you a few of my new brooches.

I had made felt brooches before, but I sort of stopped. Then I found feltcraftstudio on etsy who sold wool felt. I couldn't resit it. I bought 12 colours and started making them again. OH! the difference between working in the synthetic felt and the wool felt. Wool felt is just gorgeous to work with! To make these brooches I layer up the colours and cut into them to reveal the colour underneath. Then I hand sew them together adding details along the way.

I'm only selling these brooches at Rose Street Artists Market, so far they seem to go rather well there. Each brooch is individual, often they sort of create themselves, I just weild the scissors and the needle and thread and they guide me, coming in to existance with their own character and expression!Christina, who has a stall beside me (she sells brilliant skirts that you can wear in numerous ways) said I should try and put my maker name onto my brooches, so I've started to hand stitch 'bridbird' onto the back. I think it's a nice touch. Now I need to restock for next Saturday.


Unknown said...

I love the name in the back, and fac stitching by the way.

I have to admit I like the synthetic felt. Although the wool felt is lovely I find I like the way the stitch sits on the synthetic better on my hairstyles for some reason.

I love the grey and pink the best I think.

I will see you tomorrow!

Marissa Buschow said...

those are the COOLEST! gimmegimme!
let us know if you put some on etsy, I'd love to get my hands on one.

Cathy said...

These are lovely. I really like the blue one. You have such a way with birds. It must take quite a while to put your name on the back but it does look good and useful advertising for you too.

jo horswill said...

Even more of a reason to visit the Rose St Market now!!!

Penny said...

the name on the back is so cute! i know what you mean about wool felt - it's so warm and nice to play with and i find it's much easier to sew!