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Monday, April 28, 2008

Four Australian Water Birds

I have made a new etching. I wanted to make a four bird etching with the theme of waterbirds. I already had plates for the Wood Duck and the Black Swan, but I needed two more. So I decided to make a Pelican and an Egret. I had drawings I had already made of pelicans from a trip to Merimbula, New South Wales, last year and the egret I was able to draw from bird books. Although I hate to do this (draw from a book or photo) I didn't have enough time to go egret hunting. But if anyone knows where a handsome egret lives I'd love to call by and ask his permission to make a quick portrait!


Unknown said...

The four look great all together. I have no idea where the Egret lives but there is areas of Melbourne that should have birds like that, but they are a bit further out I guess. I know I've driven through a swampy area on Springvale Road heading towards the water around Chelsea and they have a little bird watching den thing.

Bridget Farmer said...

thankyou anna! a bird watching den thing sounds good.
I'm sending this etching off to a competition for natural history art,the competition in called the Waterhouse Art Prize, so I thought I'd woo them by doing WATERbirds! fingers crossed!