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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

After the Calm of Easter

I came back from Jeremy's parents' house yesterday and got stuck into making making making. I felt a bit starved of it over the holiday weekend. I'm not very good at just relaxing. I had been all prepared and brought a bag of felt to make brooches, but managed to leave it at someones house on our way to Geelong. (rather typical of me)

So, I got back into the swing of things yesterday afternoon and tried screen printing onto some bags I had bought ages ago. I remembered how at art college we had just used newsprint paper to make the stencils, so I tried that and it seemed to work quite well.

I also finished off my owl brooch that I had started while at Rose Street Artist's Market.

Now I really have to make more gocco prints for my mum's cookbook. Maybe if I say I will show at least two in my next post that will give me a shove!


Unknown said...

The screenprinted bag looks great, I love the birds on it!

Spudlover said...

I agree... love the bag!
It looks great