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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The First Illustration

My mum, back in Northern Ireland, owns a successful coffee shop. It's called The Bay Tree. She has owned it for about 10 years now, and she worked in it for about ten years before that. She has built it up to what it is today, which is a very well known, very well regarded eating establishment! My brother and his wife also work there so it has become quite a family business. I feel a bit left out over here in Australia!

My part to play in the Bay Tree story is connected to The Bay Tree Books that my mum has written, well, she wrote one a few years ago, and is currently in the process of writing the second. They are cookbooks and are full of delicious recipes that she regularly uses in the coffee shop. My job is to illustrate the cookbooks and I've just completed my first of many illustrations for the new book. Here it is below.

It was made on my trusty print gocco machine, which I am still in love with!

So, if you are ever in Northern Ireland and feeling a bit peckish, I highly recommend The Bay Tree Coffee House and definitely try the famous cinnamon scones. These scones are so delicious people come from far and wide for a taste. Seriously.

Just thought that I should add that once the new Bay Tree Book is out I'll post the fact on here, it may not be until next christmas though. But my mum is thinking of going onto etsy to sell it to a wider audience. Maybe she should do that for the first one too? I'll mention it to her! Keep an eye out on my blog for it!


thecuriousrabbit said...

i LOVE this illustration!! its brilliant, off to check out your store.... do you do custom work?

very adorable!

High Desert Diva said...

I love the fact that you're all involved with the family business...somehow.
Ireland is definitely on the LIST of must see places

OMB said...

I love that illustration. You are involved with the family business from afar. Will that cookbook be available in the US?

Anonymous said...

Love the illustration! Ireland is definately a place I would love to visit, and if I ever get the chance now I know where to go!

Bianca said...

looking great...not sure if I'll ever be in Northern Ireland...but who knows..have been to Dublin but that's as close as it gets...

Love the blog & shop :)

Bianca said...

ow I forgot...I am passing the 'you make my day' award onto you :)

Anonymous said...
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