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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Loopy, skinny, squawly, sweetpea, just a hungry cat

When we first moved into our flat last year a cat appeared at our doorstep. He was black and thin and intent on getting in through the front door. 'Hooray,' I thought, 'we have a cat!' 'Oh no!' Jeremy thought, 'we have a cat.'

I soon found out that the cat belonged to a guy who lived upstairs, but regularly visited anyone who'd give him attention. Jeremy is allergic to cats (I never thought I could ever end up with someone like this!) so the cat only comes to visit me when Jeremy is out. I feed him because he is so skinny and hide the cat food from Jeremy. Sometimes Jeremy finds it while looking for a tin of beans at the back of the cupboard and gives me a despairing sigh.

His real name is Loopy, but I have a range of names for him. Sometimes I think he's really just hungry for affection. Then when he's had his fill he sits patiently at the inside of our front door until I let him out. Off he goes
to the neighbours, to make them feel sorry for him too.


Unknown said...

oooh I love cat pictures! I might have to get you to make me a cat brooch.

I want to get a cat, Gareth also says he is allergic, but I think it is rubbish and it was the dust in the house back on the farm that made his eyes red, not my fur soaked hands!

Anyway he would always say write to the landlord and ask. Now we are in a house where we know the previous tennant had a cat, and he says he doesn't want anything to do with it! Boooo.

I'm going to find a cat which is little and smart (the skinny ugly ones are the smart ones, they know they have to be smart because they don't have looks going for them, I've got the pictures to prove it!) and doesn't have much fur.

Bridget Farmer said...

yesterday while jeremy was out and my mum was in our kitchen and the cat had managed to get in and was miauling at our feet i felt like i was a child again, at home in belfast, with my old dead cat freddy. it was lovely!

yes, i think you should get an ugly clever cat. maybe i should get one too. if i can't get one i've decided i'll get a bunny, and pretend it's a cat.

maybe i should invite loopy in more often so i can draw him and start a cat range of brooches. ah ha! maybe you've started something!

Unknown said...

Beautiful sketches! And it captures his "catness" so well; I can see his slinky sleak-ness (ok, he's scrawny - but a lot of black kitties are).