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Thursday, October 15, 2009

By Request

My friend Kyoko of Rachel's Cabinet has requested a few photos of my surroundings here in Northern Ireland so I brought my camera with me today when I went for a walk along the coast at Crawfordsburn Country Park. I think she meant more photos of the suburb I live in, but I'll do that another day!

A lovely grey heron

On a good day you can see out to Scotland from here.

Pretty stalks

This is the mouth of Belfast Lough where all the boats come in from Scotland and England


Lyn said...

Lovely photos. I really like the seed head and stalks one.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the post Bridget! That looks really cold. Dreaming of one day I can visit you:)

Jenn Milt Art said...

wow these are lovely photos!

Ireland must be a beautiful place indeed. :)

Jay Dee said...

Great to see some images from your new abode! Hope you are enjoying the change and can't wait to see where this all leads your artwork.