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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Website Dreaming

I was over at Anna of Able and Game cards house yesterday. She helps me with my website and I had a number of things  needed to do before I move to Belfast. I thought maybe I'd buy Dreamweaver program so I could continue to update it when away, but it costs $700! I don't understand why they don't make it more reasonable then less people will download it illegally. So just wondering if anyone out there has Dreamweaver for mac? I'll give you a free etching if it works! Seriously I will.

So, I invite you to have a look at my updated website I have put up new etchings in 2009 gallery and made the sketchbook section. I'm finding on pc computers the images in sketchbook are a bit blue, but on macs they look fine. not sure what to do about that.
I've given you a sketch of my friend Tina and I while on our USA train trip a few years ago. We are sitting in Macey's cafe in Flagstaff Arizona. We loved that town! even with the train noises!

Right, I'd better get ready to go to work. Cheerio for now!

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