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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Some Photos

A fellow stall holder at Rose Street Artists Market gave me a cd of photos that her photographer friend (Carla Gottgens) took. The photos were of me! They were taken a wee while ago while I was printing at the Australian Print Workshop. You can see me struggling to turn the wheel of the lovely old printing press!

Also I should announce that Rose Street Artists Market is now open on Sundays as well as Saturdays. The stalls on each day will be different, it's a chance to get more artists/ makers involved in Rose Street Market. I will continue to do Saturdays until mid September, then I'll be packing up all my things and heading over to Belfast, Northern Ireland to see what's happening there!

Rose Street Market has also started it's online shop, so if you can't make it to Fitzroy, Melbourne on Saturday or Sunday then log on here and see what's available!


jo horswill said...
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jo horswill said...

Spelling mistakes!!! AAGGHH

Start again :)

Great images of you Bridget. I love the old press and that gorgeous wooden wheel.
Jo xx

Bridget Farmer said...

Thanks Jo, I love that old press, one day I want to find one for myself!
and don't worry about the spelling mistake, I often spell it wrong too!

Jay Dee said...

Hi Bridget - great to see you in action! Love that press too - have never seen one with a wheel like this! Thanks too for the Rose St Market online link :)

Carla Gottgens said...

Hi Bridget, this is Carla Gottgens who took those photos of you at the Printmaking Workshop. How great you have them on your blog site!! Are you at the Rose Street Artist Market this Sunday?