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Friday, August 28, 2009

Follow the Red Thread

Oh Oh oH! I just spent a lot of money but don't regret it in the slightest. 

I've been on the trail for these for quite a few months now and after a walk from hawthorn to abbotsford in the rain two sundays ago only to find they weren't at the skirt and shirt market I decided I had to up the quest.

So, I discovered them on the internet (probably something I should have done earlier on in the search), found out they had an open studio day today and went to Brunswick Street to look for them, and there, on the corner of Victoria Street (a little one off brunswick street, not the big one with all the vietnamese restaurants) and Brunswick Street was an A frame with Fibre Red written on it and a red thread leading a path up the street. Up the street and into a building, up three flights of stairs, down a corridor and finishing in a room full of the most gorgeous knitted garments you have ever seen.

photo by Fibre Red

photo by Fibre Red

I tried on a lovely red skirt and a perfect tan wrap top and didn't take them off. Im still wearing them now! I had bought a green Fibre Red skirt from the market about a year ago and I basically live in it so I knew these would be good buys. Their next open studio has not yet been disclosed but keep an eye on this page, I highly recommend a visit!

Have a look at their lovely website here.

Also remember my etsy sale, all my gocco prints are only $10USD, I'm relisting sold items all the time so keep an eye on it. Sale ends 15th September.


mizu designs said...

Oh my! Thanks for the tip. Who doesn't love gorgeous knitwear?

jo horswill said...

Gorgeous garments...

kate said...

oh lovely!! i LOVE that wrap top!

Bridget Farmer said...

Kate, the wrap top is WONDERFUL! You can wear it in so many different ways. It's brilliant! worth every cent!