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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

At Queenscliff

It was a long weekend this week and Jeremy very nicely decided to take me to Queenscliff which is a very old town (by Australian standards) situated at the mouth of Port Philip Bay. He told me there would be lots of birds so I should bring my drawing things. He brought his ipod for that eventuality.

We walked along the marina and as big fighter planes from the Avalon airshow zoomed overhead I looked into the water and saw so many funny little fish. Pufferfish, cuttlefish, a stingray, tiny little fish with very shiny heads, and lovely stripey fish with ink dipped tails.

But for me, really it was all about the pelicans...

...and crepes, pelicans and crepes!

I'm going to be at the stitches and craft fair happening at the Melbourne show grounds in Flemmington this week. I'm teaching a couple of classes of crochet and helping Thread Den man their stall. I'll have some of my felt brooches on sale and there will be lots of other Melbourne made designer clothing on show and for sale. It should be good fun, maybe see you there!

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