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Monday, March 30, 2009

This is The Reason

About a year and a half ago my little mac laptop died, so I started using Jeremy's old laptop. I struggled through the learning how to use a PC instead of a mac and I became quite good at it!
Now, the PC laptop has died, oh no! I'm typing this from Jeremy's new laptop (a mac) but it doesn't have photoshop, it doesn't have dreamweaver, I can't scan things onto it, or print things from it or put my photos on it...So, blog posts have somewhat come to a halt! I'm contemplating getting a new laptop (a mac!) but it seems such a lot of money!! I'm just hoping the PC resurrects, it did before. Fingers crossed! 

While I'm here I should also mention my new website. My friend Anna of AnnaLaura helped me understand the world of Dreamweaver and I got quite far until the above mentioned struck. I've still got a few things to add, but most of it is there! I think it's far better than the attempt I made by myself with the horrible 'page mason' program!


mizu designs said...

Bridget your website looks great! How lovely to see all your prints together like that. Good luck with the computer thing. I had mine stolen last year so I kind of get what you're going through. Go the mac route!

meplusmolly said...

Bless you and your laptop traumas! Your website looks great by the way. I love the style of your work, and I think that your drawing translated into prints through etching look amazing. You're v talented! ;0