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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sketches at Seapark

The day I got back from Amsterdam I was still fired up with drawing, I braved the drizzle and went down to Seapark near Holywood to draw. It was great, I sat for an hour until my feet got too cold.

Anyone from this area will know these houses on the shore, they're beautiful. My friend's grandfather helped to build them. I think everyone want to live in one of them.

This poor old dog was so old and stiff he just stood in front of me for ages instead of climbing the incline from the beach up to the path. Thanks for the pose!

The view from Holywood up Belfast Lough to the docks.

I'm raring to go drawing again today now that my first market is out of the way and I have all my stock made. I can set all that aside and do what I really want to be doing. I'm just waiting for a phone call from the museum about drawing their birds.


Lyn said...

When I see your sketches it inspires me, I really need to start to sketch more, I should, I have NO excuse!
PS love Max the Stiff Old Doggie!

Unknown said...

I wish I could come along to the museum!

I hope the market went well and it was just as much fun as Rose Street!