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Friday, May 22, 2009

In My Studio

If anyone is in the Boroondara area of Melbourne you may have seen my picture in the Progress Leader newspaper (page three!) In it I'm working away in my studio, tidied up specially for the photograph.

I've been thinking how interesting I find peoples work areas. I love seeing how others work, their inspiration pictures and postcards, works in progress on the walls etc. So I thought I'd show some (bad) photos of my studio. It got a bit messy in just a week after the professional photographer had visited, but bare in mind my studio is also our bedroom, it's a big room.

Studio + bedroom = extra messy!

I was not so sure I wanted our bed in my studio at first, but now I quite like it. I can lie in bed in the mornings looking at my work, seeing what needs to be done. I don't need to feel quite so bad about lie ins anymore, because I am actually working while I'm doing so!

Studio + bedroom = working from bed!


kalliopi said...

wow.. such a lovely and inspiring space!

mizu designs said...

Great photos of your work space and a great approach to work :)

kate said...

oh lovely photo's! i love seeing peoples work space as well, i find it so inspiring...i love the little square shelves/grid that you have!

jo horswill said...

Hi Bridget...I just love these photo's of your studio, absolute bliss being able to have your bedroom/studio in the one room! I aspire to doing that one day. Smell of the inks would just lull me into sleep :)

Marissa Buschow said...