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Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh, For a Bit of Snow!

Life's a bit hot at the moment. I received an email from a friend in Ireland with a photo of their house totally covered in snow. Oh how I wish I was back home instead of this Australian summer! Of course everyone at home is wishing they were here, but still.

Our computer is in our living room which is west facing and gets a real bashing from the sun all afternoon, heating the room up like a greenhouse. That's my excuse for not posting on here lately.

The above sketch was drawn at Wye River. I had gone for a little walk and sat down by the river. This little bird entertained me for about half an hour. He was so skillful at catching flies, he mesmerised me. When I got back home and to my bird book I found him to be a Flycatcher (makes sense really) aka a Jacky Winter (doesn't make quite so much sense.) I'd like to make an etching of him in the future.

To finish with I'll show some photos of our lovely, but warm, living room in our new house.

That's it on the top floor. It's a great house, a bit shabby and full of noisy possums, but I love it. It's just a shame the lease is only for 9 months because it is due to be demolished in September. All the best places get pulled down, it's so sad.


mizu designs said...

Cool house and great windows. Pity about the heat and demolition plans.

Marissa Buschow said...

Looks & sounds like a great napping room!
The winters here in Texas are so ridiculously temperate, I had to go to Chicago to satisfy my snow/cold craving. and boy was it satisfied. now I'm reveling in these sunny days.

Kate Moore said...

I can't believe that glorious house will be knocked down? Can you pull out that stained glass window and take it with you. All that slate too. Boo hoo. What will replace it? No, don't tell, I might not like the answer.

jo horswill said...

Great sketch Bridget, sweet little bird!
Your home is wonderful...looks inviting.
Yes we are going to have a very hot few days here in Melb!!!
Would love some of that Irish snow!!!

Nicole Johnston said...

Gorgeous house and what a comfy room. Yes, I am dreading the heat too... string/stick/pin/throw some dark blankets up on those beautiful windows to keep that nasty heat out this week!!!

Jackie said...

Imagine 'The scream' by Munch. thats my face when I read that house is being pulled downm. Its gorgeous..can't you lie down in front of the bulldozers?
I love your drawings and this is my first visit to your blog.