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Monday, November 3, 2008


While I was away last month my friend Andrea was looking after my stall at Rose Street Artists' Market. She also makes things and had her own work at the stall too. Now I am back we've decided to keep sharing the stall. So I thought I'd show a bit of Andrea's work.

Andrea makes jewellery out of old wooden jigsaws. The jigsaw pieces have their original image on the back and the front is covered with beautiful decorative paper then laquered with resin. They are prooving very popular!


Earring and necklace set


I have also listed more brooches on my Featherstitch Fantail website I'm trying to get lots made for the Christmas rush. Have a look and order early if you any take your fancy!


Marissa Buschow said...

oh, very cool. does your friend do etsy?

Bridget Farmer said...

i don't think she does do etsy yet, but i've been telling her about it!

Anonymous said...

hiya, is there anywhere online to buy your friend's jigsaw earrings? thanks :)