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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Feather In Your Hat

I've been stitching and stitching trying to get ready for Christmas. I've started making more of my fantail hat/ lapel pins since they seemed popular at market last weekend. They are made up of the same layering and hand sewn embroidery as the Featherstitch Fantail brooches with hand felted balls to embellish!

I'm also happy because I have finally sorted out my packaging for my brooches. I bought myself a rubber stamp of my "Bridbird" label and I found the most perfect little boxes, in a $2 shop would you believe! Unfortunately the shop has now run out of boxes but I think I may have found a (very cheap) supplier online. I've given them my card details and now waiting to see if anything arrives! Hope they come soon, fingers crossed they come at all!

I've added more brooches onto my Featherstitch Fantail sight too!


Able and Game said...

Oh they look fantastic. I missed you at Rose Street on Saturday, I hope you had fun at the races!

BillyLee said...

I like your enthusiasm. Oh and hat pins are superb. B

Bridget Farmer said...

Billylee, do you have an email address I can get in contact with you about the gocco printing?

Sue said...

Those little boxes look really lovely - what a snip to get them at the $2 shop! The whole arrrangement looks great - no wonder the pins sold well. Enjoying looking at your beautiful work :-)