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Friday, June 12, 2009

Just Playing

While I sit in the gallery where I work, I sew.  I make most of my fantail brooches while at work. I don't know what I'd do otherwise! Today I was just finishing off one of my brooches when I had an idea, so I started playing with what I had and these are the outcome. I like their simplicity.

I've just finished watching 'Who do you think you are?' the program on SBS in which famous people find out about their ancestors. I find this sort of thing fascinating. Today it was Stephen Fry. It was a very sad episode because he found out all his great aunt's family were killed in concentration camps. I feel it will be something that will linger with me for the rest of the night and probably into tomorrow. It was very poignant and, as is everything that Stephen Fry does, very eloquent. 

I think this program would be equally as interesting if it were about  normal people off the street. I'd certainly put my name down for it. I don't even know my father's mother's first name, but I'd love to know.


Danielle Barlow said...

I just love your new brooches!
I think that the older you get, the more interested you become in your roots. Sadly it is often the death of an older family member that prompts us to start looking into our family history. It wasn't until my grandmother had died that I thought of all the things I wished i had asked her.

Anonymous said...

Love the result! These brooches look great! I especially like the middle one! Nicely done!

Lyn said...

Send off for your father's birth certificate and you will be hooked! Family history is such a fantastic hobby, be warned you get hooked!

Jay Dee said...

Oh, love your new 'egg' brooches and yes, Geneology is really addictive - has led me to take a trip to the UK next year to check out my Scottish heritage - should be very interesting!

Lucy Bowler said...

Playing with your work is so important and these brooches look beautiful. I was playing last week and have created some new scarves I wouldn't have made otherwise and I love them! It's hard to get a balance between production and otherwise, so it's great to see someone else trying as well!