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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bridget's November Giveaway!

I should be cleaning and scrubbing and packing up our flat, we are moving this weekend (as long as the real estate agents get back to us to let us know if we have our new house, we're cutting it fine here!)
My kitchen is chaotic with half filled boxes everywhere and dirty dishes.The bathroom is clean from waist height up but I haven't quite got down to the bath and sink etc. and our living room is chockablock with cardboard boxes, so much so that I can't get to the skirting boards to scrub or the floor to vacuum.
So I decided to have a rest and I came up with a giveaway idea!

You could win the Featherstitch Fantail, 100% natural wool, 100% hand embroidered brooch of your choice! All you have to do is let me know which your favourite design is on the Featherstitch Fantail website by leaving a comment on your chosen brooch. I will pick the winner at random at the start of December and then make the brooch and send it to the winner.
Good luck!


A life of Assorted Nuts said...

I love that Blue Belle! You make lovely birds :)

miss b said...

I love them all - but the red 'Love Bird' is my fave.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Crystal Adkins said...

I loved the "IN The Navy" It was so cute :) said...

Moving house sucks! My best tips are to make up your bed as soon as you arrive (sheets and all) because the last thing you want to do after you've moved and you’re exhausted is to make up your bed. Also, box up your kettle and a few cups and some cookies for so you can easily make a cup of tea for you and your helpers! Good luck

Bridget Farmer said...

thanks for the tip margarita, good idea! i think i'll have my tea and cookies in my lovely made bed!

Rebecca R. said...

Such a hard choice--they are all lovely! I am a bit partial to the Daisy Wing, though!
elireeves at stny dot rr dot com