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Friday, November 14, 2008


This is my 100th post on my blog and it coincides beautifully with what I am going to post about!

Since May until September this year I have been working on illustrations for a poetry book called '100 Australian Poems You Need To Know" for Hardie Grant Publishers. The book has poems from all through Australia's history and I really enjoyed reading them all when starting out the project because I knew very little Australian poetry to start with.

Yesterday, in the post, I finally received my copy of the book and it is lovely, a really beautiful object even before you've even opened it! Well designed, well put together, great poems and as for the illustrations, well, for me it was quite strange to see all my drawings and etchings in there, but very satisfying.

The book will be available from 1st December, I'm not sure where from yet, I'm trying to find out myself because most of my family will be getting a copy for Christmas!

I've found a review for the book here and info about it on readings website here and I've found a site where you can pre-order a copy here .

Tomorrow we move out of our house, but unfortunately, due to things out of our control (because real estate agents are supposedly in control, but not doing a very good job) we have nowhere to move into. Homeless! So if you see Jeremy and I walking the streets in the next few weeks please invite us in for a drink and a friendly chat, thanks!

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jo horswill said...

Bridget, this is wonderful, congratulations and I will be buying a copy for sure!
This will be my Christmas prezzie to me :)

Spudlover said...

wow...great about the book!!!!


Congrats! in your 100 post we are also celebrating our 100 entries and a year of blogging.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Great news about the book. It sounds fantastic, and I love your illustrations which I have read lots about over at Anna Laura.

Terrible news about the house move. I'd just left a comment on your other blog saying I hoped it went well. I hope you are all sorted soon. How awful.

kumezee said...

Hi Bridget! How's house moving? It is great that your art/business is going pretty good :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bridget,
I bought the book for myself for Christmas, I love the illustrations more then the poems!
They look absolutely fantastic.
Kylie Hill