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Friday, November 20, 2009

That Christmassy Feeling

Does that just mean cold toes and needing to wear a scarf indoors? Well if thats the case, I'm well and truly feeling Christmassy! Of course it's a different case in Australia where I hear temperatures are getting higher. Would I rather 35 degrees and clear skies or 5 degrees and eternal rain? Honestly, I'd choose the rain, I can't stand the heat, and it's just not Christmassy!

Here are a few of my new designs for Christmas cards. I have three different robins, each one initially drawn in pencil, then colour added on the computer. You can find them for sale on etsy or on folksy, a UK site. I'll also be selling them at markets around Belfast.


Tracey said...

Oh I love those robins... just beautiful. I'll be adding these to my favourites list for sure!! 8)

I'm the same as you, I'd choose the rain over the heat any day!!

Sarah Sullivan said...

Oh oh oh I looove them - just darling!!! Sarah